Should teens be allowed to access condoms? Many different people talk about condoms and having sex often, in our current society. Condoms are used during sex to provide protection and to prevent people having sex, not to catch any infections or illnesses about sex. Most adults use condoms but others don’t, so why can’t, teenagers […]

Dear Ms Samantha Taylor, I am writing this letter to strongly agree with what you say about teenagers in this article of yours. I have read through your article and would like to be on your side as this what they say about teenagers is not true, and is not the case, many points that […]

How does Shakespeare and Shelley explore power and control through language, structure and characterization? n In the book ‘The Tempest’ we can see that not only one character has power and control but there are many characters throughout the whole of the play that show there control and power over different people. The tempest is […]

The Race Soon came midnight and Ralph felt ready to go out and get this over with. He slowly left his apartment and walked quickly to the car park, got into his car and drove off into the night. He started to think who would be there at this one-time event. As all of these […]